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The Cyan Huntress

by Krystal Pena
Format: eBook

The Cyan Huntress Prophecy of Caerleon Book 1 by Krystal Pena Genre: Epic Fantasy Romance

She will avenge her husband’s death, even if she must kill every knight in Caerleon to learn who betrayed him. Anwyn thought she would finally enjoy comfort and happiness when she married a traveling psychic–that is, until Uthyr Pendragon unleashed a war on all magic-users and had her new husband burned alive. She’s determined to wreak her revenge, until a Druid boy’s prophecy convinces her to put aside her personal vendetta and learn to hunt the ones who want her dead–harder to do when she’s captured and taken to Caerleon to be tried as a sorceress. Now, if she can escape with the help of Caradoc, a man whose secrets rival Anwyn’s, she will have to fulfill her vow of revenge while on the run and attempting to find the one leader who can unite three broken kingdoms under a single banner. Assuming, of course, she can protect herself from burning at the stake, safeguard her heart from the enigmatic Caradoc, and complete her training as the Cyan Huntress. Fans of Jeffe Kennedy, Grace Draven, and Laura Thalassa will love the blend of Arthurian legend and exciting action in this romantic paranormal fantasy adventure!**Pre-order for only .99 cents!!** Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Books2Read

USA Today Bestselling author Krystal Pena resides with her four children near Boston, MA. She writes PNR/UF and fantasy, and enjoys writing stories about strong women who overcome the greatest obstacles to achieve their dreams or goals. Many of her characters reflect her and the adversities she has overcome, which she wants to relay in her writing to empower the young women of generations to come. Many of her stories have roots in ancient ideals and folklore, and she loves hiding alternate meanings or symbolism in her writing. Aside from writing, Krystal enjoys photography, archery, horseback riding and MMA. She loves history and art, and frequents historical sites and art galleries in her spare time. Above all else, she loves being at home, baking and cooking with her children, visiting her family and reading bedtime stories. She works as a personal assistant to other authors by day and writes late into the night, a strong cup of coffee always within reach. Krystal is also one-half of the pen name KM McKenna, which she shares with NYT bestselling author Margo Bond Collins in writing YA/NA fantasy. She enjoys working alongside Margo as both co-author and PA. Website * Facebook * FB Group * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Stranger Creatures

Wolf’s Challenge Stranger Creatures Book 1 by Christina Lynn Lambert Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense

When Sydney left Seattle two years ago, she was scared, traumatized, and done with men for good. Now she has a good job, a hobby that’s fast becoming a second career, and best of all, she’s adopted a little girl named Angel. Life is good and Sydney’s not about to let charming lawyer Derrick mess that up, no matter how sexy he is, or how sweet he seems. Things aren’t always as they appear in the town of Great Oaks, Virginia. Derrick isn’t the ladies’ man Sydney thinks he is, but he does have a few secrets, the least shocking one that he can transform into a powerful wolf at will. Can Derrick convince Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive maybe? More importantly, should he? He’s still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he’s pretty sure not having her in his life would be just as bad. Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Smashwords

Bear’s Edge Stranger Creatures Book 2

A boss can’t date her employee—simple as that. No matter how much Shayla wants to unravel a few of Grant’s mysteries and take her friendship with the shy, sarcastic man to the next level, she’s determined to keep her fantasies of him to herself. After bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he did his best to shut himself off from everyone around him. Falling for Shayla wasn’t part of his plan, but after a kiss that leaves them both speechless and hungry for more, Grant can’t keep his desire for his boss under wraps any longer. When things between the two of them get hotter than he could have imagined, Grant wonders if some of his darker desires will be too much for Shayla or will she embrace the needs he’s kept hidden for so long? An obnoxious reporter and Shayla’s bitter ex have teamed up to chase down conspiracy theories that could destroy Shayla’s business and worse, put her life in danger. To find their happily ever after, Shayla and Grant will have to trust in each other and find a way to crush all the obstacles standing in their way. Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Smashwords

Tiger’s Last Chance Stranger Creatures Book 3

While working a case, Sean Whitman is tortured for information, drugged, and bitten against his will by a shape shifter. The fallout leaves him jobless, friendless, and dumped by his girlfriend. Needing a fresh start, he leaves town and opens a private investigation business. Learning to live life sober isn’t easy, but he makes it to the two year mark. When Detective Nikki Jackson with the Great Oaks, Virginia Police Department calls him, accusing him of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house, Sean can’t help but like the sound of her voice, despite her ridiculous accusations. He’s shocked when she calls him back with an apology then asks for his help as a consultant on a case. On the phone, her sweet, slightly Southern voice captivates him. In person, she’s unlike any other woman he’s encountered, and nearly impossible to resist. But could the sexy detective ever want a man like him? After Nikki’s last dating disaster, the mountain lion shifter has sworn off men. Then she meets Sean, and with every second she spends around the tall, dark-eyed man, her resolve crumbles. And the fact the guy’s kiss leaves her breathless? Yeah, that no- men idea sounds more and more like a bad idea. But for some reason, despite the undeniable attraction between them, Sean seems determined to push her away. An investigation into missing refugees leaves Nikki with more questions than answers. Her refusal to let the matter drop leads her to the discovery of a radical political group’s horrifying plot for dominance. Traitors are embedded within the very organizations meant to keep shifters safe. As the list of people she can trust dwindles, Nikki calls on Sean to help her unravel a web of deceit. Sean realizes pushing Nikki away was a stupid move. So when the sexy, amazing detective contacts him, he jumps at the second chance, dropping everything to fly across the country to help her. And he hates flying. But with her life in danger, he’ll do whatever it takes. Can Sean and Nikki stop a hate group from carrying out their deadly plans? And if so, will he get one last chance to prove his love for her? Please note – this book contains mature language, situations and descriptive sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only!Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Smashwords

A few years ago, I read my first romance novel and I was hooked, so much so that I decided to give the idea of writing a story a chance. Love, courage, hope, and second chances are a few of my favorite themes. My stories include a fair amount of sarcasm, suspense, steam, and violence. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and a sweet, hairy monster of a dog. Blog * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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The Vault of Kings

A Light in the Darkness The Vault of Kings Book 1 by Matt Taylor Genre: YA Fantasy

For ten years, the dark mage Maelos has shrouded Evendreil in darkness and oppression. With no hope in sight, many are struggling to survive; others pray that their luck will remain. In searching for answers, Sylas stumbles upon an ancient artifact– a mysterious silver amulet–that confirms the reality of the fabled Vault of Kings. Hoping to overthrow Maelos and end his evil reign, Sylas and his companions set off to find the legendary elemental stones of power that are needed to unlock the door to the vault. If they are to succeed in their quest, they must first learn to master the ancient art of Magick in all of its basic forms: Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature, and Air. Then they must pray that whatever secret is contained in the Vault of Kings will be enough to give them the edge that they need to defeat the most powerful dark mage that the world has ever seen. Goodreads * Amazon

Alliance The Vault of Kings Book 2

Gelendor has fallen. Darkness has descended once again. Despite the danger, Torren has decided to stay in Gelendor to try and form a secret rebellion while the others make their journey towards Sindmyr, the Capital of Light. Once there, Sylas and Samara will need to convince the King of Sindmyr to join their cause and fight back against the armies of Maelos. To be successful, the two young mages will not only need to continue to master the ancient art of Light Magick, but also uncover an ancient secret that has been hidden away beneath the City of Light for generations. A secret that could prove deadly to any who attempt to wield it. Most importantly, Sylas will need to prove that he is worthy to obtain the Stone of Light and unite it with the ancient silver amulet. With two Elemental Stones of power at his side, Sylas will bring himself one step closer to completing the key to the Vault of Kings. One step closer to unlocking the powerful secret that’s been hidden from the world for over a thousand years. Gelendor has fallen to Darkness, but in the Light…there is still hope. Goodreads * Amazon

I’m a small town boy from Southeast Idaho. I’ve wanted to share my stories and wild imagination with the world for a long time, and finally decided that now is better than never. I have loved reading fantasy books ever since I was little, but there was always something missing, something that I wished that I could add to the story, to make it mine. Writing a book and putting yourself out there for the world to see is daunting to say the least, but the joy and sense of accomplishment you get from seeing your story out there, for all to read and enjoy is a feeling like none other. I hope that you will enjoy the worlds of my mind, and take part in the adventures that have been hidden from the world, but are now finally being revealed. Website * Facebook * Instagram * Amazon

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Recipe for Love

A Recipe for Love by Kaithlin Shepherd Genre: Contemporary Romance

He’s the hottest thing to hit the diamond in decades. She’s America’s sweetheart chef. Forced together for a good cause, will these two hit a home run, or will their love stay on first base? Add to GoodreadsBook2Read * Apple * B&N * Kobo

Kaithlin Shepherd was born and raised in Canada where she learned to figure skate and where she crafted a love affair with coffee. Growing up in a household filled by strong headed women, she learned early on that life is what you make it. Creating a world away from her own day to day, she loves the feeling of creating a universe where her fans can forget about everything in their life. She loves writing alpha men characters and she doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat with scorching hot sex scenes. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Micah Trace and the Shattered Gate

by Eric Swanson

In his debut novel, Eric Swanson hits it out of the park with this book. It is a science fiction

book that makes you think. When 100,000 people all over the earth at kidnapped by aliens

it is traumatic for everyone. The people on earth fear a return and know that the aliens are far more advanced. The aliens have much more knowledge and advanced technology than the earth’s inhabitants.  Micah Trace is a result of that knowledge and technology.  He has been groomed for a special mission, but when develops a conscience his role changes. 

The author does a great job of intertwining social status, racism, genetic entering, and slavery into an action-packed adventure.  This book is book one in the trilogy and Mr Swanson has done an excellent job of making us want more. 

Black Willows

Black Willows Trapnell Thriller Book 2 by Jill Hand Genre: Thriller

A mysterious cowboy is stalking the eccentric Trapnell siblings. Is he a supernatural entity or a hired killer? To complicate things, the will making them heirs to their billionaire father’s estate is missing and a relative has returned from a watery grave. Last time, the Trapnells saved the world from destruction. This time they may not be able to save themselves. Black Willows is a darkly funny Southern-fried adventure, complete with Voodoo, arson, and alligators. Goodreads * Amazon

White Oaks Trapnell Thriller Book 1

An ingeniously dark comic thriller about greed, gluttony and murder that is destined for the big screen.” –Best Thrillers Aimee Trapnell reluctantly leaves her apartment on Manhattan’s Central Park West to return to her childhood home in Georgia for her father’s ninetieth birthday. Also on hand are her two brothers, wily Marsh and ne’er-do-well Trainor. With a forty-billion-dollar inheritance at stake, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the old man happy. To their shock they learn that what their father wants for his birthday is to kill someone. He doesn’t care who it is. He just wants to know what it’s like to commit murder. Betrayal, double-dealing, and fast-paced action set the Trapnells on a collision course with an unexpected villain. Their journey takes them from the swamps of Georgia, to Italy’s glittering Amalfi coast, to rugged Yellowstone National Park. Goodreads* Amazon

Jill Hand is a member of International Thriller Writers. Her Southern Gothic novels, White Oaks, and Black Willows, are available on Amazon and from the publisher, Black Rose Writing. Advance readers called White Oaks a fast-paced, hilarious account of three siblings who are competing for their father’s forty-billion-dollar fortune while trying to prevent the destruction of Planet Earth. Diane Donovan, senior reviewer from Midwest Book Review praised White Oaks, calling it, “an unusually multifaceted tale that holds the ability to prompt laughter from thriller-style tension.” A sequel to White Oaks, Black Willows, follows the adventures of the squabbling, dysfunctional Trapnell family. Website* Facebook* Twitter* Bookbub* Amazon* Goodreads

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Women of Wine Country

Murder & Mayhem Women of Wine Country Book 1 by T Wells Brown Genre: Romantic Suspense

I’m not a nice man, Isabella,” Cabe said. Wait, this didn’t sound like an apology. “But now that I’ve gotten a taste of you, I want more.” Yep. Definitely not an apology. “And Isabella, I plan to devour you,” he said, making shivers run over my skin. He thinks he inherited me along with the winery. He couldn’t be more wrong. Bossy-but-gorgeous Cabe Brown will break my heart if I’m not careful, I just know it. To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill me. Like, dead. How am I supposed to survive a murderer and Cabe? At least I have my Women of Wine Country tribe. I inherited them with the winery, and I couldn’t get rid of them if I tried. Not that I would. Try that is. They’re a crazy wine guzzling sisterhood of badass women who stick to each other like gorilla glue. Nothing pulls them apart, and nothing is ever boring when they’re around. I can trust them to keep my head clear and watch out for me. I can count on them. Most of the time anyway… ♥. I wanted to be just like them. Now, along with Cabe, the winery and some freak trying to kill me, I have this damned letter my aunt left me. I can’t open it. Not until I become the woman, she believed me to be. **On sale for only 99 cents!!**Goodreads * Amazon https://www.youtube.com/embed/f8QxYfgJ98M https://www.youtube.com/embed/2Sk4wzT3XTY

Lawyer & Liar Women of Wine Country Book 2

Officer down! Those two words loop over and over in my head, every-single-day since I found a sexy as heck man bleeding out on the side of the highway. Not just any man. Oh no, of course not. It had to be a Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man; my kryptonite. It gets worse when he figures out how attracted I am to him and uses it to his advantage. Never trust a man who doesn’t play fair. Saving his life changed everything in mine. And not for the good. Now, I’m on the run. I never dreamed, in all my boring days, I’d find myself running from the Russian Mafia! How the heck did I end up here? All I can say is that Big Strong Sexy Alpha Man better figure it out, and fast! Because these men mean business! Bad business. Goodreads * Amazon

Beauty & Betrayal Women of Wine Country Book 3

How do you get past a deep betrayal without losing your identity? If you’re Jenna White, you do it by working your butt off and surrounding yourself with beautiful things, faithful fur babies, and a loyal wine tribe sisterhood. That is until domineering dog man, Marcus, gets a whiff of Jenna. His pursuit of her changes everything. But now that he’s drawn her in, will he keep her, or will he too betray Jenna’s trust? Will she be able to count on Marcus to help her with the stalker? Or will she have to save herself from that little problem too? Get ready ladies, grab your wine glass cause you’re about to change the way you see your men and your tribe. Goodreads * Amazon

Babies & Badass Women of Wine Country Book 4

What is harder to deal with? Babies or a Badass? This man is making me crazy! Luckily for him, he’s gorgeous or it wouldn’t be worth the grief! I should have known better. My mother warned me. Now, when I need him most, he turns his back on me. What have I done? Marrying a man like this? I’m beyond annoyed that my husband won’t leave me alone long enough to prepare meals for the upcoming birth of our children. I rise early one morning only to find the person I’ve hired to help me, is stealing from me. Then, he takes her side. Why couldn’t I have picked a man who would choose me first? Goodreads * AmazonGet it FREE here!

Grief & Greed Women of Wine Country Book 5

When a California wildfire ravages her world, Francesca tries to make the best of things. She has to. Her daughters need her to get her shit together if their family has any chance of surviving. Being a contractor in a man’s world isn’t easy. A jealous competitor on top of it all makes it even harder. Possibly deadly. Enter Laird ‘The Scots’ Hamilton. A domineering Scotsman who has an uncontrollable desire to protect Francesca and her small wounded family. When Laird is asked to help find out who is trying to ruin Francesca he discovers more than he bargained for. Laird isn’t your typical hero. Some of the things he does has Francesca unsure of his intentions. Is he the hero she needs? Or is he another problem she will be forced to deal with? Goodreads * Amazon

T Wells Brown grew up in the deep south, chasing frogs (kissing some of them), catching crawdads from the local creek (much to her mother’s dismay), and traipsing through poison ivy (half her childhood was spent covered in calamine lotion). She now lives in the lush California Zinfandel wine country with the Love of Her Life and their four rescued pups. Pups she often writes into her books. Besides reading, writing, and wine guzzling, she devotes her time to her small community, her wine tribe sisterhood, feeding, and re-homing the plethora of homeless pets in the community, and promoting women’s issues. You can find her Podcast Women of Wine Country on all the podcast platforms. If you like to be in the know sign up for the newsletter on womenofwinecountry.com. Or join our Facebook group Women of Wine Country to see what new events we have planned and to stay updated on the new releases. And as with everything she does; a portion of her book sales will go directly to helping feed and re-home homeless and abandoned pets. Because it’s true; T Wells Brown likes animals way more than she likes people and she likes people a whole heck of a lot! Website * Facebook * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Operation K-9 Brothers

Operation K-9 Brothers Book 1 by Sandra Owens Genre: Military Romance

Navy SEAL Jack Daniels (save the jokes, he’s heard them all) and his trusty Belgian Malinois sidekick, Dakota, are back home in Asheville, North Carolina, after a bomb left them scarred. Unable to accept that he’ll never be able to return to his team, Jack is looking for a miracle. What he isn’t looking for is a permanent relationship, though he’s open to a no-strings distraction at the magic hands of gorgeous local potter Nichole Masters. Nichole is on a losing streak with men. Her ex- boyfriend won’t stay gone, a competitor is out to ruin her business and even her rescue pup, Rambo, is refusing to get in line. A chance run-in with a navy SEAL turned canine companion trainer might solve the dog problem. The fact Jack is easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt, either. But when Nichole feels like she’s being watched, Jack is the only person she can turn to. He’s a protector and problem solver by nature and training. Accepting his protection is one thing—Nichole didn’t count on falling in love. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

A best selling, award winning author, Sandra Owens lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her family and friends often question her sanity, but have ceased being surprised by what she might get up to next. She’s jumped out of a plane, flown in an aerobatic plane while the pilot performed death-defying stunts, has flown Air Combat (two fighter planes dogfighting, pretending to shoot at each other with laser guns), and rode a Harley motorcycle for years. She regrets nothing. Sandra is a member of Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll, and a 2013 Golden Heart® Finalist for her contemporary romance, CRAZY FOR HER. In addition to her contemporary romantic suspense novels, she writes Regency stories. Website * Facebook * FB Page * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Build A Neurodiverse TBR (To Be Read) Library

Build A Neurodiverse TBR (To Be Read) Library

There’s been plenty of buzz about diversity in fiction for several years, especially in the Young Adult genre. Stories like The Hate You Give, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before feature characters who are BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color).
But there’s one area that this push for diversity hasn’t reached yet—neurodiversity. Neurodiverse refers to anyone who has a neurological difference such as autism, ADHD, Tourette’s, synesthesia, and others. A few books have included characters with these differences, the most notable, Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. It’s a very well-done young adult contemporary story that explores OCD and the accompanying anxiety. The ending is hopeful—it
doesn’t rip your heart out like, say, The Fault in Our Stars. Pick it up if you get a chance.
Still, there aren’t many choices in young adult fantasy (my favorite genre and the one I write in). I was optimistic when I started the Percy Jackson series. Percy had ADHD and dyslexia, but the author pulled a bait and switch. As Percy begins to discover who he is (and who his father is), he’s told his ADHD is like an energy boost, a side effect of being a demigod, and the dyslexia is actually an ability to read Greek. Huh? I still haven’t forgiven author Rick Riordan for side-stepping the opportunity. He could’ve showcased neurodiversity and educated readers.
According to the latest data, 9.4% of children ages two to seventeen are diagnosed with ADHD. Six in ten have related mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders, like anxiety or depression. And it’s believed thirty to forty percent of the population is considered neurodiverse.
So why aren’t we seeing more of this in YA fiction? While writing the earliest version of Spark, Book One of The Firebrand Chronicles, my
youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD inattentive. It’s a sibling of ADHD hyperactive, which is more commonly known. As I became educated in what this diagnosis entailed, I realized there were precious few role models in YA fantasy. I wanted her to be able to find herself in the pages of a story, and I wanted others to understand some of the struggles ADHD kids face. Since ADHD people are creative, out of the box thinkers, I created a heroine who’s aware of her neurodiversity, accepts it, and uses it like a superpower to discover new solutions to problems.
There’s so much misinformation out there—“ADHD is really just bad parenting”,
“ADHD doesn’t exist”, “those kids are just bad kids,” the list goes on and on. But by finding and reading about neurodiverse characters, the reader can experience the world through their eyes and hopefully walk away with understanding and compassion.

Books for a neurodiverse TBR library:

  • The Firebrand Chronicles series (Spark, Flare, & Burn) (J. M. Hackman): ADHD
  • Turtles All the Way Down (John Green): OCD and anxiety
  • The Stormlight Archives series (Brandon Sanderson): mental health issues
  • Coral (Sara Ella): depression and anxiety
  • The Secret Library (J.C. Gilbert): anxiety
Brenna James went from having no idea what firebrands or alternities were to being trained as
Linneah’s foremost firebrand. (And she’s gotta admit, fire powers are freaking awesome.) Pair
that with bonding with a griffin and her mother becoming queen, and things need to slow down
real quick.
Thanks to her many missions across her new alternity, she makes new friends and experiences
the deadly Silvastamen forest, travel portals, Starfall, and more. Brenna finds herself growing in
ways she never expected.
And now her deadliest enemy, Rune, is determined to kill her and take all power for himself. Can
she burn like the firebrand she is and take him down? Or will she burn out?

Award winning author J. M. Hackman loves thunderstorms,
bookstores, and happy endings. She’s never met a reading nook
she didn’t like and prefers soul talk to small talk. When she’s not
writing or reading, she spends quality time with her greatest
fans—her family.
She’s written Spark, Flare, and Burn (her YA fantasy series the
Firebrand Chronicles) and has had her stories published in
several anthologies.
She spends her days writing stories, consuming massive
quantities of dark chocolate, and looking for portals to other
worlds in the mountains of Pennsylvania.


Website: https://www.jmhackman.com

Newsletter, True North Tales: can sign up on my website or at http://eepurl.com/cNuDkP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jmhackman

Pyromaniacs: where we talk about chocolate, current projects, and books. But not necessarily in that order. ☺

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jm_hackman_author/

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/j-m-hackman

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15648309.J_M_Hackman

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/jm_hackman

The Firebrand Chronicles (Spark, Flare, Burn)—available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and Nook:  https://www.love2readlove2writepublishing.com/bookstore/

Eagles in Flight

Eagles in Flight by Ramcy Diek Genre: Romantic Suspense

A Second Award Winning Novel from the author of Storm at Keizer Manor. Emma’s life changes the day Ruben Templeton walks in and asks her out on a date. Over dinner, Ruben’s undivided attention flatters her and she’s a little disappointed when his best friend, Jesse Kimball, joins them. Jesse is a senator’s son who just announced his candidacy for mayor. Accustomed to a quiet life, insecure 27-year-old Emma is hesitant but excited when Jesse calls the next day, to invite her to his birthday party. It doesn’t take long for Jesse to sweep her off her feet, and when Emma receives devastating news, he asks her to marry him. From the moment she agrees, their relationship starts to deteriorate. Hurt and confused, Emma turns to Ruben for advice. Ruben suggests the young couple to give each other space. Time Emma can use to help him locate his younger brother Axel, who has gone missing. Emma agrees, and soon finds herself on a road trip across the country. Will Emma and Jesse’s temporary separation clear the distance between them, or will she find love in the arms of another man? Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

Ramcy Diek fell in love with the United States during her travels with her husband. The Pacific Northwest became the Dutch couple’s home, where they built their RV Park and raised their two sons. During this time, Ramcy also made a slow transition from reader to multi-genre writer. Her debut novel Storm at Keizer Manor received multiple awards. This inspired her to spend more time doing what she loves most: writing stories. Eagles in Flight, a romantic suspense novel, is her second book. Her third novel Overland, a romantic and dramatic thriller, followed soon after. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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