We Are Back………..

When I started this site in 2019 it was to showcase the oft ignored independent author. Some of the best books I have read have been self-published, small press, or vanity press products. When the pandemic set in, it put an end to the book launch, book signings, conferences, and workshops I so enjoy. Entering 2021, I like many others, had become somewhat isolated and lost interest in some things I had once been passionate about. I let the website go dormant.

Earlier this year I was approached by someone I had completed beta reading asking if I was still doing that. Soon after, I was approached by another former client about editing their newest book. Several other opportunities popped up and reminded me how much I enjoy working with authors. I decided to resurrect the website and start proving services once again to authors.

I also have been asked to take over the Georgia Independent Author of the Year awards by the founding partner. Information on this will be forthcoming as well as info on the Independent Author of the Year Awards that encompass the entire United States of America.

I hope you will join us as we head into 2023 with renewed enthusiasm .


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