RELATIVE CONSEQUENCES tells the story of a retired teacher who is on a mission to find the truth about her past no matter what the cost.

Jessy Tate buries her husband on a chilly day in October 2005. That’s when the nightmares begin again; but this time, the scenery is clear, and the fear is real. However, the puzzle pieces in her head don’t make sense. These vivid flashbacks reflect what her mind has forgotten—a drama starring a childhood friend and a giant banyan tree. The dreams take her back to when streets were safe at night, when nearby beaches remained pristine, and when most folks ate their breakfast at the local diner. It was a time in history when little towns kept big secrets.

Kindle EditionPublished March 12, 2022

Indie Author Book Reviews Says……..

Small southern towns hold secrets. Sometimes these secrets come to life and threaten the type of lifestyle the secret holders have obtained. Jody Herpin’s debut novel is full of mystery, plot turns, and reflection. Jessy has just buried her husband. In the following days a long buried secret begins tugging at her. Will revealing the secret change the lives of those involved? Will there be forgiveness or just anger? Relative Consequences is a must read.

Jody Herpin is an award-winning author who writes with a southern accent. A wife, mom, and Grams, she is an animal lover, puzzle solver, painter, and avid Braves and Georgia Tech fan. Born in Savannah, she loves travelling all over the South, but her roots lie in Georgia. She makes her home in Atlanta with her husband, Mike, and their Mini-Australian Shepherd, Bella. Jody writes stories using bits and pieces of her own life experiences, while placing colorful characters in familiar settings. Her debut novel, RELATIVE CONSEQUENCES, is set in one of Atlanta, GA, Beaufort, SC, around Washington, DC., and Bonita Springs, FL.

Jody’s next project, the first novel in a new series, takes place in the fictitious town of Sequoyah, which lies in the mountains of North Georgia. The story revolves around a local family, a detective who’d rather be anywhere else, and the mysterious culture of the native Cherokee Indians.

You can visit her online at, Facebook at and Instagram at


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