Who I Am: The Man Behind the Badge

Think you know what a police officer does every day? You think Hollywood gets it right?

Unless you’ve been out there, you don’t know. Nothing you see on the big screen or on television in the safety of your home can prepare you for what we do every day.

Night after night, we deal with the worst society can throw at us, then we go home, sit with our loved ones and pretend we’re okay. But sometimes…we are not okay.

In Who I Am The Man Behind the Badge, I’m going to describe all the gore, all the horrors and all the emotions I felt, not to gross you out but to let you know what I experienced.

If you find any of these stories disturbing or uncomfortable, then I have accomplished my goal–because I was equally disturbed and uncomfortable. And I live with these memories every day.

Indie Author book Reviews says…………..

This gripping book is written by a retired Hialeah Police Department officer that spent 26 years in law enforcement. It is gritty, harsh, and graphic, but is a true representation of the daily life of an officer during that turbulent time. Jeff Shaw holds nothing back as he shares his life and work. This book will change your view of law enforcement. I hope you, like my family, back the blue.

****full disclosure**** I am a retired dispatcher, and my son is in law enforcement. This book strikes close to home.

Jeff was born and raised in the Miami area of South Florida.He joined the Hialeah Police Department in 1979 when he was twenty-six and worked for twenty-four years retiring in 2003.He served in various capacities after graduating from the Miami-Dade Criminal Justice Institute; including road patrol, training advisor, classroom instructor, firearms instructor, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), field training officer, communications sergeant, patrol sergeant, hostage negotiator and homicide supervisor.He now lives in the North Georgia mountains with his wife Susan.


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