The Donkey Principle

You have what it takes to live well. It’s all about embracing your inner donkey!
Some of us feel like donkeys in a world that celebrates racehorses—the shiny and flashy
success stories that make us question our own worth and abilities. But life isn’t about
competing for gold medals. It’s about understanding your unique strengths and using them to
mine all the gold that’s already within you.
A delightful blend of short reflections and original illustrations, Rachel Anne Ridge’s The
Donkey Principle has a central, timely message: Embracing your inner donkey is the key to
overcoming obstacles, creating lasting change, and achieving meaningful success.
If you’re looking for an inspiring read, this charming book is for you! Let Rachel provide the
motivation you need to keep going through difficult situations, especially if you need a
“gentle kick” in the right direction to find the path and work that suits you best.


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