Her Dark Enchantments

Her Dark Enchantments

by Rosalyn Briar

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance, Fairytale Retelling

The Wicked Fairy. The Mistress of All Evil. The villain of Sleeping Beauty goes by many names, but where did she come from?

Myravelle Spinner grew up in a tower with only spiders, spindles, and stone walls for friends while her mother spun gold for the king. She wondered why her mother refused to teach her fairy magic until one fateful mistake led Myravelle to become the healer in the king’s Sleepy Wood Company.

Drained from years of waking soldiers from a cursed sleep, Myravelle must now choose a new canvas–a man whose life she drains with a dagger to fuel her healing powers. A ritual binds her to Byzarien Dumont, who loathes fairies for the fires that left his family impoverished and his body riddled with scars. His burning hatred causes Myravelle’s enchantments to wilt, leading the king to threaten her mother’s life.

Byzarien can only see Myravelle as a beautiful spider who strings men along her web, while Myravelle considers love a weakness for the king to exploit. With their families in danger and soldiers rotting in a death-like sleep, the pair must learn to trust one another before the dark magic spinning in Myravelle’s soul unravels once and for all.

The Wicked Fairy never asked to become a monster…

Sharp and sexy, Her Dark Enchantments is a deliciously dark romance that will plunge you deep into the fairy woods, proving every villain is the hero of their own story. Majestic with her blades and blood magic, Myravelle is the goth queen I would be proud to serve. Lyrical and richly atmospheric, if you love underdog heroes and sensual slow burns, look no further for your next favourite read.

—Lily Rooke, author of The Dying Light

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Rosalyn Briar is a former teacher, a mother of two fearless daughters, and a wife to her soul mate. She loves reading, traveling, and playing board games. More importantly, she believes in fairy tales. When she is not reading or writing, you might find her playing dress-up or gleaning through the woods for wildflowers with her princesses.

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How did you come up with the title of the book?
I thought up the title in the early stages of outlining and world-building. I was working on the
magic system and the fairy runes when the phrase (which gets used in the book by the way)
“her dark enchantments” came to mind. The title just stuck throughout the writing process, and I
knew it was the one.
Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?
While doing some initial research for Her Dark Enchantments, I discovered some interesting
things about the history of Sleeping Beauty. For example, when the original Sleeping Beauty
tale was told, long before it was ever written down by Perrault or the Brothers Grimm, spinning
wheels had not yet been invented. What the princess likely pricked her finger on was the tip of a
drop spindle.
I found that fascinating since, because of Disney, the spinning wheel has become a huge motif
of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. In that movie, though, what the princess touches isn’t even a
spindle but the distaff. That blew my mind and made me want to “correct” it in my version of the
Upon learning this, I not only researched hand spinning, but I purchased drop spindles and
roving to teach myself how to spin my own yarn. It is such a beautiful and ancient art form,
tracing back to pre-Neolithic times, that I had to include it in the story. Now, one of the largest
motifs of Her Dark Enchantments is Myravelle’s drop spindle!
What is your favorite part of this book and why?
As you can tell from the book teasers and blurbs, Her Dark Enchantments is a villain origin
story. Although there are many romantic scenes in the book that have my heart, I think most of
my favorite parts are actually toward the end of the novel. I won’t give specifics as to avoid
spoilers, but the last fourth of the novel is probably my favorite as a whole. Some might think the
parts I enjoy are tragic and sad, but they are the ones that show the transformation.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Q&a, bio and book details, I have enjoyed reading about you and your work and I am looking forward to reading Her Dark Enchantments


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