Trauma to Truth 

Trauma to truth is a raw, honest, inspirational

story, using poetry and prose to guide you through

one woman’s journey from recovery to discovery.

Highlighting that there can be a road to freedom

and healing, finding the light within

“Profoundly vulnerable, heartbreaking, inspiring

and powerful.

This is a journey of healing and hope. A visceral

dive into the soul. A reminder that even in our

darkness moments, the light is never lost.”‘


Author of The Life We Dream 

Claire lives in the south of the U.K with her 2 teenage children and 4 crazy cats.

She has used poetry her whole life to document thoughts, feelings and emotions that can’t always be put into spoken words. 

Her spiritual practices , meditating, giving gratitude every single day and Mindfulness have added greatly to her creativity, she believes in the universal powers that be and of course the magic in everyday! 

Claire has many interests and has many qualifications under her belt , having a keen interest in psychology and aiding others in their recovery 

Claire loves nature, the beach, she is happiest surrounded by family and friends or as an avid reader, curled up with a great book. 

Meet the Author

1) What is your biggest challenge as an author?

My biggest challenge as an author lays with my self belief. I have struggled to have the confidence to get my work out there for a long time, for years in fact. 

I also knew nothing about the process, so has been a steep learning curve for me, but I found my courage and determination and managed to get Trauma to Truth out there! 

2) Did writing your book help with the healing process?

Yes my book really helped with my healing process. It didn’t start off as a book, it was just alot of writing and poetry as i was going through my journey as thoughts,  feelings and emotions came up for me. 

3) What advice would you give to others in a similar situation? 

The advice I would give others in a similar situation is don’t be afraid to go there. Find the courage and bravery to make that first step in healing your trauma. It took me a long time to realise I was holding so much trauma in my body,  that manifested itself as illness. Digging deep and going there is uncomfortable but it’s how we grow and ultimately heal.

4) Do you journal about your thoughts and feelings?

I don’t journal as such, I write down things as they come up for me. It may be just a simple word or a few sentences,  which then in turn can either stay as they are or it sparks a poem or self help piece writing. 

5) How would you describe your writing process?

My writing process usually consists of lost of ideas either written in notes on my phone or in my many note pads i have ! I get inspired by many different situations at all  sorts of times. Sometimes I can write 1 poem a week, sometimes I can write 5 in 20 minutes. Mediation helps with my creativity greatly .

6) Do you plan to write more books?

Yes! I already have my second one in mind and am already typing it up roughly as a word doc for now. I’ve written so much over the years , it’s just finding what would fit which book. 

7)  What type of books do you like to read?

This is a hard one as I like to read pretty much anything. The only thing I’m not overly keen on are police type murder mysteries,  but love the victorian type murder mystery. My favorite book I read of last year was The Oceanography of the Moon by Glendy Vanderah. I’m very much into fantasy and mythology of any culture. It fascinates me. 

8)  What do you want readers to know about you and your book?

This is a hard one to answer! I would like readers to know that I put my book out there to help others feel less alone in what they might have been through or are going through. Stepping into my truth was hard, being vulnerable and laying all the deepest parts of myself onto paper, naked for all the world to see so to speak. I have found being so open and honest is nourishing for your whole being. It opens up a new , more authentic  level of connecting with people.

If the book resonates with at least one person , to be able to say “I  felt like that too” then I’ll be happy. 

9)  Is there anyone that inspires you and why?

I am inspired everyday by lots of different people. My children,  my parents, especially my mum, she is my rock. My family , my incredible friends , nature , the universe.  The beauty in the everyday. Other poets, authors, people who promote self help , who have over come addiction and trauma themselves. There’s is a lot of inspiration to be found. 

10) Anything else you would like to share with the readers?  

I would like to share that it is never to late to follow your dreams. I know it sounds cliché but really its not! I have been very lucky in having the best coach who got me to this level. 

Stepping out to be seen Is terrifying! But here I am, so way out my comfort zone , there’s no going back! 

Over coming trauma is hard, over coming addiction is hard, but it can be done. One thing i will add here is no one else can do it for you, you can only choose to do it for yourself and you are so worth that investment and more. Go shine you’re light onto the world. 


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