Ties That Bind Series
Book One
Liza Snow
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date of Publication: April 4th 2023
Number of pages: 617 pages
Word Count: 155000
Cover Artist: MiblArt
Tagline: He’d searched a lifetime for the perfect student.
She’d always dreamed he’d be her teacher. Together they’ll

soar in the silks.
Book Description:
Growing up, I was mesmerized by a man soaring the skies.
The greatest silk aerialist in the world, Chandler Moreau.
He was once my lifeline, the dream I clung to after my parents died. I’ve always
believed he was my destiny. To join him at the Dreamers Academy. To perform
for him.
To soar with him.
He’s more than I ever imagined. Far more than a mentor. When I am high in the
silks, turning, flying, falling, he’s my lifeline once again. Twisting my heart and
my body into knots like the knots of his beloved Japanese rope bondage, Shibari.
I don’t want to live without him. With each lesson, each touch, I crave more. Only
he can satisfy me. And only he can destroy me…
But I must keep him safe from the past that relentlessly follows me.

She is my protégé, the student I’ve been waiting to take under my wing for my
entire career. Someone with whom I could share my lifelong journey in my
family’s circus, Cirque du Lys.
I never intended to fall in love with the student I was supposed to protect—from
myself and the demons that lurk in my shadows. But sometimes fate has other
Cassandra, my beautiful butterfly. I know she’s off limits. Forbidden. Still, I want
her in my life. My heart. My bed.
My grandfather’s taunting words still linger.
Mieux vaut plier que rompre.
Adapt and survive.
It’s what we must do. Cassandra and I share a history that entwines us more than
the silks we’ve spent our lives mastering ever could.
There are secrets from the past that must never be told. And truths that could
destroy what we’ve just begun…

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/6oKPIEIwyAk
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JBCeaA

About the Author:
A bestselling independent author from
Florida, Liza has been putting romance
books into her readers hands for over a half
decade and has loved every minute of it.
Liza lives with her husband, her two dogs
and her cat, ten minutes from the beach. When she isn’t writing, you can often find
her walking and enjoying outside, with a coffee and a book in hand.
Website: http://www.lizasnowauthor.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lizasnowauthor
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lizasnowauthor
Newsletter: http://bit.ly/3yBrJhm

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The Storm Darkens

She stopped in front of Kari and knelt. Despite the darkness of her eyes, they gleamed with untold levels of cruelty. Kari had always seen such evil inside of Raven, yet she had never imagined things like this.

“I want you to ask a different question, Kari. I want you to ask yourself, what are you going to do to stop me?”

About the Author:

Valerie Storm was raised in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, she fell in love with everything fantasy. When she wasn’t playing video games, she was writing. By age ten, she began to write her own stories as a way to escape reality. When these stories became a full-length series, she considered the path to sharing with other children and children-at/heart looking for a place to call home.