Genres: Family Saga
Format: eBook

by Janet Hogan Chapman

In MotherLove, author Janet Hogan Chapman brings to life a powerful and moving story about a dysfunctional family. This story tackles many issues, including child abuse, addiction, grief, and some family violence. Told from different points of view by four different generations, we see how a mother’s love or lack of it shapes these characters’ lives. You will be drawn in as Louann begins to tell her story. Having never known her mother’s love and not knowing why leaves many questions for her and shapes her life in ways that will take years to understand. Along the way, she faces heartbreak and rejection, and ultimately acceptance.
Ms. Chapman does an excellent job of telling Louann’s story. I was moved to tears in more than one passage. When I finished the book, I had to just sit there for a moment and take it all in.
Lastly, kudos to the real Louann for allowing your story to be told. May others find strength and courage from your journey.