Featured Paranormal Author of the Month

Georgiana Fields

2019 winner of the Georgia Independent Author of the Year for Romance. Georgiana Fields was born in coastal North Carolina. She grew up in a military family near Camp Lejeune. As a child, Georgiana loved listening to her aunts tell and retell stories and legends surrounding New Bern, N.C. and other coastal towns.

Currently, Georgiana resides in a suburb north of Atlanta with her husband, two dogs, and two cats.

While she loves nature, horseback riding, and scary movies, she currently spends most of her time writing paranormal romantic suspense. Her stories are filled with laughs, love, struggles, and new beginnings, featuring strong men and resilient women who never give up. You are always assured happy endings.

On her worst birthday ever, talented sculptor Cordelia Parsons’ 55th becomes a nightmare.   Instead of lunch at a favorite restaurant, she learns her ex is suing her. Again. On her way home, she’s carjacked, pistol-whipped, and robbed.

Adding insult to injury, Delia returns home to find her eccentric, elderly aunt has hired a stripper. In keeping with the insanity of her day, the man is everything she’s dreamed of if only he wasn’t 20 years younger. Becoming a cougar was never part of her life plan.

Never again would Glen MacPhee wager with his office manager! Never! He plans to ring the doorbell, enter, hit play, then shake his arse while he strips for some poor lass’s birthday. With luck, he’ll be in and out in under ten minutes.

However, approaching the door, Glen senses his life-mate, proving the universe has a perverse sense of humor. The woman he’s waited centuries to meet, and his first impression will be dropping his pants. Seeing her injuries, the daemon inside him fights to emerge, hunt down her attacker, then make Delia his.

Delia refuses to believe Glen’s interest is serious because he appears so much younger, even though he’s actually older by a few centuries. Worse, the attacks on Delia continue, each more dangerous than the last, with no clues to her assailant’s identity.

Will Glen be able to identify and thwart the person who wants Delia dead?

 Or will he lose her to a cunning adversary?

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