Sorrow Wood

By Raymond Atkins

“ Wow!”, that was all I could say when I finished the book.The book made me laugh, cry and really sad that it was over. Not many books these days evoke that feeling from me.  Sorrow Wood takes you to my beloved south and is both a love story and a murder mystery. The characters are true to the south and show that not every town in the south is “Mayberry”. The love story of Wendell and Reva is shown over decades that shared joy and sorrow. Reva has a sense of bad things happening and refers to this as the “bear”.The bear shows up several times in their lives and Reva believes she has had many past lives when she and Wendell were together.To me the love story was the central theme. Keep in mind it is not a mushy chick lit type of love story. It is simply the story of two people who feel in love, weathered the storms and are still in love decades later. The murder story lines ties several things together, but I have to say I did not expect some of the twists and turns. This book will be one that you cannot put down and will be sorry when it is over. I look forward to reading many more books by Raymond Atkins.

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