Crimson Dreams

by Georgiana Fields

Rose Kelly is a widow living and working in Atlanta. When she loses her job and a handsome stranger wants her to renovate his home in England, she agrees. Vaughn Madoc takes back to his English home so she can access the situation. While there she enters a room and is sent back in time to the early 1900s. She struggles with adapting to life in that time period. She also has to deal with Vaughn being a dhampir. She is embraced by his family as they try to help her adjust. In addition to all this she encounter more of his family members that are shape-shifters as well as a cat that seems to be much more than a cat. Vaughn in the meantime is trying to work with Scotland Yard to solve a number of murders. Will she adjust to the time period? Will the killer come after her? What lies ahead for her and Vaughn?

I found this book to be a great read. I don’t normally seek put books with time travel, shape shifters, and had no clue what a dhampir was. Oh, my! I have been missing out. This book had turned me into a fan of paranormal romance. Thankfully, this is the first book of the series, with book five coming out soon. I see much more Crimson in my future.

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