Love Me True

by Melissa Crosby

Amy fled her life on the east coast after her marriage fell apart. She intended to get as far away as possible and start her life over. She lands in the small town of Willow Oaks, Oregon. As she rebuilds her life, she becomes a romance writer with good success. Her friend suggests that she take a part-time babysitting job for the man that has bought the Bed and Breakfast in town. She finds Same to arrogant and self-entitled. He does, however, adore his four-year-old daughter Gracie. When Sam’s mother unexpectedly arrives their lives become more chaotic. Can Amy keep up the ruse? Will Sam ever find true love again or will his mother ruin everything? This book made me laugh at some of the reactions and sob as hurtful pasts and truths were revealed.
Melissa Crosby has a winner with this debut love. I can’t wait for more from this exciting new author.