The Wild Horse Peaks Novels

The Art of Love and Murder

A Wild Horse Peak Novel #1

by Brenda Whiteside

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery

A woman searching for her past. A sheriff hiding in his present. Their future together threatened by murder.

Forty-three years after the airplane crash she survived killed her parents, Lacy Dahl is looking for answers. When her research uncovers secrets about the mother she never knew and disputes the identity of her father, someone is willing to murder to keep her discoveries hidden.

Sheriff Chance Meadowlark is still haunted by the death of his wife and the revenge he unleashed in the name of justice. When he meets Lacy, he is determined not to become involved, but their pasts make that impossible saving Lacy may be his only redemption.

Just as she begins to believe the present is more important than her past, Chance’s connection and a murder spin her deeper into danger and further from love. When the truth is revealed, will the revelations free Lacy and Chance…or destroy them?

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Southwest of Love and Murder

A Wild Horse Peak Novel #2

Writing murder mysteries is all in a day’s work until an obsessed fan brings Phoebe’s stories to life.

Mystery writer, Phoebe Anderson, owes her success to killing her first husband on paper seventeen years earlier. Now, someone has actually done it. Taking a few days to re- group on an isolated ranch, she doesn’t expect romance…or murder…to find her.

Mason Meadowlark is happy with his wild cowboy ways, avoiding love since the death of his baby and the end of his marriage twenty years before. When Phoebe shakes up his routine, he fights to control his emotions, fearing the pain of opening his heart again.

With an obsessed fan close on her heels, Phoebe is thrown into her own murder mystery…and the next target on the psychopath’s list is Mason.

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The Power of Love and Murder

A Wild Horse Peak Novel #3

Penny’s secrets can ruin the presidential contender who ordered her family’s murder…and mark her as the next hit.

Penny Spark’s desire to reconnect with family this Christmas exposes her true identity—a secret she’s hidden for thirteen years from the political powers that murdered her family.

Jake Winters is out of rehab and coming to grips with his demons. When he meets Penny, he believes this holiday season could be the start of life after rock star status…until her secrets blow up his world.

With a government agent turned hit man closing in on her, Penny and Jake race to expose the presidential contender who targeted her family. Even if they win the race with death, the murder that stands between them could end their hopes for a new life…and love.

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The Deep Well of Love and Murder

A Wild Horse Peak Novel #4

A vengeful ex-husband and bloody fight for land threaten a love-struck couple’s happiness.

After an abusive childhood and bad marriage, Laura Katz has finally found a home, stability…and possibly love. But her blissful refuge as nanny on the Meadowlark Ranch, miles from Flagstaff, shatters when her ex is released from prison, determined to reclaim her.

Randy Silva, the Argentine foreman, has plans for his own ranch, but a brutal land grab is underway. As the battle escalates, Laura steals his heart, but there are outsiders who stand in their way. He’s in a vicious battle for his land—and the woman he wants by his side.

Stakes are high, as the attacks on Randy and his ranch draw blood. While the vengeful ex-husband stalks Laura, a mob-backed land developer teams with a desperate gambler. Uncertain where the next attack will come from—will their love be caught in the crossfire.

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A Legacy of Love and Murder

A Wild Horse Peak Novel #1.5

Inheriting an Austrian Castle is an Alpine fairytale for August, until someone begins targeting the heirs.

August Myer arrives in Austria to meet her great-grandfather and explore his castle estate filled with priceless art, only to find he’s died under suspicious circumstances. As one of his heirs, her life is in danger, turning her Alpine adventure into a nightmare of veiled threats, unexplained accidents, and murder.

Inspector Tobias Wolf splits his time between catching criminals and fighting the spread of neo-Nazism. But when the beautiful, intriguing American crosses his path during a murder investigation, ensuring her safety challenges his priorities…and his heart.

When August learns the handsome inspector is concealing secrets, and the death of her great-grandfather is somehow connected, she takes the investigation into her own hands. Can Wolf save her before the killer strikes again?

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Brenda Whiteside is the award-winning author of romantic suspense, cozy mystery, and romance. After living in six states and two countries—so far—she and her husband have settled in Central Arizona. They admit to being gypsies at heart so won’t discount the possibility of another move. They share their home with a rescue dog named Amigo. While FDW fishes, Brenda writes.

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to the hero in The Art of Love and Murder, Wild Horse Peaks Book 1.
Sheriff Chance Meadowlark is the man who holds it all together in this suspenseful tale of secrets and
lies. He’s not one to be in the spotlight, but let’s try to get to know him better.
Q: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Sheriff Meadowlark. You’re a sheriff by profession. Did you
always want to go into law enforcement?
A: My father expected me to work on the ranch with him, but I was more inclined to follow the creed of
my Hopi grandmother. I’m a peacekeeper, the county sheriff in Timberline, Arizona.
Q: You’re single. Widowed or divorced and any children?
A: Widowed. I have a daughter in college.
Q: I’m sorry. Anything more you’d like to add?
A: No. My wife’s murder isn’t something I like to discuss.
Q: Anyone special in your life right now?
A: I’ve been dating Kitty Katz, but it isn’t special. There’s a new woman in town, actually just a visitor I
bumped into as she was running out of a dark alley. Thought she was being pursued.
Q: Now, that sounds intriguing. Tell me more.
A: Our second meeting was less eventful, but certainly more interesting. Turns out Lacy is researching her
birth parents and the murder of my wife is tangled up with the true identity of her biological mother.
Q: Let’s try some flash questions to get to know you more personally.
A: Hmmm…be careful.
Q: Night or Day?
A: Day. A motorcycle ride in the pines with the sun on my back and Lacy cuddled behind me makes for a
good day.
Q: Love or lust?
A: I wouldn’t short-change lust, but I’ve missed having love in my life since my wife’s death.
Q: Boxers, briefs, or commando.
A: You do like it personal, don’t you? Commando when it’s comfortable, but always boxers under my
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