Maggie's Turn

by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Maggie does what many women have dreamed about but few have ever had the courage to actually do. After being in a marriage for more than twenty years and taking care of everyone Maggie reaches a point of utter frustration. Her husband and kids take her for granted on a daily basis.  After dropping her teenage daughter off at middle school, Maggie heads back home. At the stop light she can either turn and go home or go straight and have some time to herself. She chooses adventure and time to herself. What begins as a side trip turns into a trip of discovery and awakening.  

Back at home, her husband Andrew, realizes how much she does for him and the kids on a daily basis. He also discovers how little he knows about how to  run the household, the children’s friends and his wife. Maggie and Andrew attempt to work through anger and bitterness and broken dreams. Secrets are revealed and freedom gained and the family learns the true meaning of the word.

This book was a wonderful read. I found the characters believable and the story entertaining. Definitely a 5 star read.