Prophecy of a Vampire

It’s been almost a century since Zachary Philips was turned into a creature of the
night. A brooding man with a thirst for freedom and for blood. When he hears of
the prophesied Vampire Queen being reborn, he hatches a plan to gain his freedom.
Soon, their lives collide and although they are opposites, their sizzling sexual
chemistry binds them together.
It doesn’t take too long before Ivy Litt finds herself ensnared by Zachary. She also
realizes she can’t stay away from him. If only she knew about the web of lies he
was spinning.
Will Zachary’s past and cry for freedom ruin his one chance of happiness, or will
Ivy’s thread of humanity change the course of what could be something special?

About the Author: 
Growing up with a passion for writing, Tania Gold, a
wife and mother of two from Sydney, Australia, has
always enjoyed delivering exciting stories to an
audience. An avid reader of Fantasy and Romance
novels, she had dreamed of creating her own world
full of exciting and loveable characters.


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